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Freelance SAP consultant in 4 domains, including PP and MM



Would you like to develop your organization into a high-performance business, and could you use some help of an experienced SAP MM and SAP PP consultant to achieve this objective? Then I can help you out.
As a freelance SAP consultant I have over 15 years of experience in the following domains:
  1. SAP Project manager
  2. SAP Implementation – expert in the logistic ERP modules PP, MM, SD and LE
  3. SAP Master data
  4. Process modeling 
My knowledge and experience in business and IT consulting will help you design and implement SAP solutions that will be an added value for your business.

SAP Project manager

I successfully deliver your project within time and budget, together with your team.

SAP Implementation

As a freelance SAP MM and SAP PP consultant, I have built up an extensive experience and knowledge in Supply Chain Management. The valuable insights I have gained as a business consultant by implementing best practices in SAP offer a useful added value to your company. Starting up my own company which allows me to work as a freelance SAP consultant has given me the chance to build up a solid, functional knowledge of the following SAP ERP modules:
 - Planning & Production (PP)
 - Materials management (MM)
 - Sales & Distribution (SD)
 - Logistics Execution (LE)
 - Warehouse Management (WM)
My objective is to tailor a SAP ECC system that fits your individual business needs.

SAP Master data

I seek to only input complete and qualitative master data into your SAP ECC system. I lead and structure all of your master data activities in such a way that you are presented a list of doable tasks.

Process modelling

Well-designed business processes are the foundation of a successful organization. I analyze and optimize your business processes thanks to my BPMN methodology (Business Process Model and Notation).
I primarily focus on:
 - Planning
 - Production
 - Inventory management
 - Procurement and sales
 - Logistics execution

Coaching freelance SAP starters

Besides the 4 above mentioned services that I offer to companies, I also coach people who would like to become a freelance SAP consultant. Thanks to my own experience as a freelance SAP consultant, I can help you launch your career.
Should you have any questions, feel free to contact your SAP PP and MM consultant anytime.